The Okinawa Islands are part of the larger Ryukyu Islands group and are located between the Amami Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture to the northeast and the Sakishima Islands of Okinawa Prefecture to the southwest. Residents suffer from low levels of heart disease, cancer and … Hiking trail through the forest to a waterfall. Mausoleum for the former Ryukyu royal family. Irabu Island | VISIT OKINAWA JAPAN An Island that has a Foreign Fisherman's Town Vibe Irabu Island is the second largest island among the islands that make up the Miyako Islands. The coronavirus outbreak is having a large impact on travel to and within Japan. Shopping center near American military bases. The site is located on a densely forested hillside along the ocean and features several rock formations, which are connected with each other by walking trails. It comprises hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000km (620 mi) long. Iheya Island, Okinawa, Japan Iheya Island is the most northern island of the Okinawa archipelago. Explore Okinawa & the Southwest Islands holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. The Irabu Bridge opened in January of 2015, making it easier to visit from Miyako Island by car. Okinawa – an island of Glory, located in the southernmost part of Japan Cape at the northern tip of Okinawa Honto. The Okinawa Islands (沖縄諸島, Okinawa Shotō) are a group of about two dozen islands around Okinawa Main Island (Okinawa Honto). Miyako Island Cuisine Miyako Island is a veritable cornucopia of delectable natural foods from treasured Keats Mangoes and other splendid fruits to coveted Miyako Beef, one type of island-raised wagyu Japanese beef that has recently been making its mark even on mainland Japan. Their yield of sugarcane is the second highest in Okinawa Prefecture after the Yaeyama Islands. Ishigaki Island | VISIT OKINAWA JAPAN Gateway to the Yaeyama Islands Acclaimed for its Harmony between Nature and Music Look around and take in the sea and sky of cobalt blue, tropical mountains towering overhead, and a night sky full of stars. What is your preferred length for a travel report video on YouTube? Okinawa consists of 160 large and small islands including 47 inhabited islands over a vast ocean area. A leading beach resort in the sparsely populated north of Okinawa Island. Explore the tropical islands of Okinawa, in Japan's south. Contamination Status of PCBs and Organochlorine Pesticides in the Okinawa Island, Japan: Utilization of Small Indian Mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) as a Bioindicator Yutaka TASHIRO 1) , Akitoshi GOTO 2) , Tatsuya KUNISUE 2) , Takuya KURAHASHI 1) , Shinsuke TANABE 2) As the only subtropical region in Japan, the climate is warm throughout the year, and earthquakes rarely occur compared to mainland Japan. Travelers can fly 4 inter-islands routes within Okinawa, southwest of Japan. The forest-covered northern part of Okinawa Island. One of the most popular beach resort hotels on Okinawa Island. Since 1972 over 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) of land reclamation has been conducted. most visited in Japan The center of the former Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa Main Island (沖縄本島, Okinawa Hontō) is by far the largest and most populous island in Okinawa Prefecture and the regional transportation hub. Prior to that, the Ryukyu Kingdom was an independent dynasty that played a crucial role in building East Asian shipping networks. We strive to keep Japan Guide up-to-date and accurate, and we're always looking for ways to improve. While much of the central part of Okinawa Honto is urbanized, the southern tip of the island is less densely populated, and the northernmost Yambaru area remains mainly covered by forested hills and small fishing and farming villages. Second residence of the former Ryukyu kings. Its emerald blue seas and white sand beaches attract people from all over the country. Okinawa is the fifth largest island of Japan. Okinawa is the name for the biggest island in the RyÅ«kyÅ« Islands, far south of Japan. The Old Calendar Culture That Continues into Modern Times, Blue Zone Okinawa, the secret of longevity, Ingredients grown in the rich climate of Okinawa. It is administered as Izena Village. Okinawa - that is where gunuine blue ocean and cozy melody of Okinawan guitar await you. Basic information you should check before your trip to Okinawa including local situation is available in Basics for Travelers. The island has a diameter of about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) and is surrounded by coral reefs, blue sea, and white beaches. The capital city is NAHA. The Okinawa Islands are one of three major island groups making up the prefecture of Okinawa. What is awamori, the distinctive sake of Okinawa? Okinawa consists of 160 large and small islands including 47 inhabited islands over a vast ocean area. The Mihama American Village is located in central Okinawa Honto, about 15 kilometers north of Naha. The straight-line distance is about 106.6 kilometers (66.2 mi) from north to south. Paradise on earth: Kume Island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan Kume Island or Kumejima (久米島) is an island of the Okinawa Islands group which is located about 90 km west of Okinawa Main Island Ie Island | VISIT OKINAWA JAPAN An Idyllic Island Characterized by Its Landmark "Tacchu" Ie Island is well known for Mount Gusuku, a mountain locally known as “Tacchu,” that protrudes from the center of the relatively flat island. Naha, on the island, is … On Japan’s Okinawa Island, nicknamed the “island of longevity”, locals refuse to die. The coastline is 476 kilometers (296 mi) long. Conveniently located in the center of Kokusaidori Street in Naha. Izena Island (伊是名島, Izena-jima) is located in the East China Sea, north-west of Okinawa Island, in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. If you have any updates, suggestions, corrections or opinions, please let us know: Copyright © 1996-2020 All Rights Reserved. By bus Take bus number 28, 29 or 120 from the Naha Bus Terminal to Mihama American Village Iriguchi (美浜アメリカンビレッジ入口, 40 minutes, 740 yen, frequent departures) or Kuwae (桑江) bus stop from where the American Village can be reached in a short walk. Reconstructed former Ryukyu royal palace. most visited in Okinawa Island Sefa Utaki (斎場御嶽) is an important sacred site of the indigenous Okinawan religion, which, similar to Shinto, places emphasis on the worship of nature. This island also used to be a military based during World War Two and you will still find an American base here to this day which carries out drills, so don’t be surprised if you see planes racing overhead when you visit. It has been keeping its top ranking for a place to travel in Japan as well. Okinawa (沖縄県, Okinawa-ken) is Japan's southernmost prefecture, consisting of a few dozen, small islands in the southern half of the Nansei Shoto, the island chain which stretches over about one thousand kilometers from Kyushu to Taiwan. OKINAWA Island Pass Japan Transocean Air (JTA) , a JAL Group subsidiary, offers a special discount fare for overseas visitors to Japan, the "OKINAWA Island Pass" . The Okinawa Islands (沖縄諸島, Okinawa Shotō, Okinawan: Uchinaa, informally Churaashima, "beautiful island", Kunigami: Fuchinaa) are an island group in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan and are the principal island group of the prefecture. The prefectural capital Naha and most of the US military bases are located on Okinawa Honto. Okinawa Island Tree House Restaurant offers romantic Naha Harbor Diner oversea tourists walk around Peace Memorial Park solemn atmosphere at Himeyuri Memorial Tower, Okinawa Island, Japan The center of the former Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa Main Island (‰«“ê–{“‡, Okinawa Hontō) is by far the largest and most populous island in Okinawa Prefecture and the regional transportation hub. Around 160 islands including Iriomote Island offer world class diving and relaxing escapes. Beautiful ruins of a former Ryukyu castle. ©Copyright 2020 Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, All rightsReserved. Okinawa Island is the largest in the Ryukyus, being about 70 miles (112 km) long and 7 miles (11 km) wide and having an area of 463 square miles (1,199 square km). Find Okinawa attractions including beaches, museums and monuments as well as hotels, castles and restaurants. Co-Works by Kasha Okinawa is one of Okinawa Island’s best co-working spots. The island has an area of 1,206.99 square kilometers (466.02 sq mi). Visible from the Okinawa Churaumi … ョナルツアー専門予約サイト【VELTRA(ベルトラ)】。沖縄本島, 沖縄のアクティビティを豊富な体験談でご紹介!最低価格で24時間オンライン予約可能。沖縄本島観光 … The capital of Okinawa is Naha. Okinawa is located in the southernmost part of Japan, best known for its beautiful sea and unique culture, and one of the leading resort areas of Japan. Okinawa Honto is the largest island in Okinawa which is why it is often used as a starting point to any trip to this part of Japan. Okinawa is in the northeastern end of Okinawa Prefecture. Oct 28, 2016 - Okinawa, one of the most popular beach resorts in the whole of Japan. Please make sure to learn this to have a wonderful trip to Okinawa. Sign in and subscribe for the latest Japan travel news and updates. Surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and the Pacific Ocean, Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido is a vast land that comprises about 20% of the country's surface area.Magnificent natural scenery and natural Okinawa Wasn’t Always Japanese The hundreds of islands that today make up Okinawa Prefecture — with Okinawa island being the largest of them — didn’t come under Japanese rule until the 19th century. To Have an Enjoyable and Safe Okinawa Trip. The prefectural capital Naha and most of … The more southern Miyako and Yaeyama Islands are the other two. Today on Rock the Park, we’re a world away from America’s national parks - Japan: a place where people take their respect for nature to a whole new level. Working Smart in Co-Works by Kasha Okinawa in Naha Many roads go through Okinawa’s capital, so Naha is brimming with cafes and co-working spaces. One of the best luxury resort hotels on Okinawa. Ishigaki Island is rich in nature and musical tradition. See a map of Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands. Pleasant theme park about Okinawan culture. The Reliable business hotel within walking distance of Kokusaidori Street and the monorail. Okinawa -Other Islands | Travel guide Okinawa Prefecture is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Premium Chocolate Created with Okinawan Sugarcane, A Grand Tour of Renewal and Relaxation in Southern Okinawa, Ocean Treasures: Okinawa’s Coral Reefs for Future, Stunning Colors of the Ocean around Miyako Island, A Selection of 10 Okinawan Traditional Experiences. It is also the common name for Okinawa Prefecture, which controls the Southern RyÅ«kyÅ« Islands. It is surrounded by fringing coral reefs and 60% of the island are mountains covered with fountain palms. The Yaeyama Islands — A Blend of Natural Beauty and Timeless Culture, Announcement of Temporary Closures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, Tourism Website Offering Fun Karate Experiences Launched. US-Japan Military Base Issues: Maps of US Military Bases in Okinawa This guide will provide help on locating both electronic and print resources related on … Naha is on the island with the most people, Okinawa island.