I have made several recipes from swasthis. For easy access I have put these 60 recipes under 5 sections. Paneer Cutlet Recipe. This is an easy dish and can be served as a chilled dessert. Methi paneer is a simple curry made with fenugreek leaves, paneer, onions and tomatoes. The sauce is similar to a butter chicken sauce and is so tasty. It's a flavourful veggie curry that's heady with fresh ginger and cardamom. It is a healthy recipe and uses no refined flour, not deep fried and uses no readymade sauces. Have tried the paneer butter masala and kadhai paneer gravy….. Amazing recipes with fabulous photos, tips and write ups. These parathas make a great finger food for toddlers too and they go well in a school box as well. Heat 1 tablespoon butter and half tablespoon oil to the same pan, Once they melt, add cinnamon, … The milk curdles are drained and made to tiny balls. If you are too bored with the same paneer dishes all the time, then do try these for a change. This Homestyle paneer recipe is from my mom and I must admit she makes extremely delicious korma. The traditional recipe is made by simmering milk for several hours with constant stirring but the instant version is a time saver. I was also looking for chhena poda. Here paneer replaces the meat making it a vegetarian tikka masala. To make this recipe, you dont need any ready made schezwan sauce. This fresh, crumbly cheese is delicious served in veggie curries, wraps, spiced skewers and fritters. • Heat a pan with oil, add the cumin and allow it to splutter. The recipe shared here will give you palak paneer that tastes much better than what is served in most restaurants. Sandesh is a quick sweet made with chenna and a sweetener. These snacks are great to serve as an evening tea time snack along with your masala tea or filter coffee. However it can also be used in the scrambled or unset form. Paneer dishes are very popular in the Indian restaurants for their unique flavour, texture and taste. Chum chum is another Bengali sweet made much similar to the way rasgulla. Here are a few north Indian recipes that are not only appetizing but at the same time easy to cook. Paneer is added to stir fried mixed vegetables. You are welcome! These are easy to make and taste delicious. This is a side dish you can serve in a meal and it also goes well in the lunch box or school box. These are made with paneer, mozzarella cheese, Indian spices and herbs. Hi Swasthi, It can be packed in office tiffin box or school box with bread, roti or basmati rice. Hey hi Shahi Paneer Recipe. This goes well to make roti rolls, wraps and sandwiches. Thanks for trying. This curry is great to make when you are in a hurry as there is not much chopping work involved. Such a nice taste. It is made with fresh homemade sauce that I have shared in the post. Both these make for a quick dinner and it also goes well in a school or office box. We've simplified the cooking method to make it easy to make and it is every bit as good as any restaurant mattar paneer! These can be served as an appetiser/ starter or side in an Indian, Indian-Chinese meal. But I didn’t find ginger paneer like hyderabad anywhere. These are boiled in hot cardamom flavoured sugary syrup until puffed and spongy. Serve with rice or naan breads, Ready in less than an hour, this easy, vegetarian curry recipe made with pan-fried Indian cheese and vegetables is also cheap to prepare, These cheap and cheerful paneer pancakes take just 20 minutes to plate up and make an iron-rich veggie meal for two. This best served chilled and makes a great summer dessert. Hara Tava Paneer (Healthy Starter Recipe) Indian Breakfast and supper with low-fat paneer: Paneer lends itself to the preparation of many wholesome and filling snacks, which can be had for breakfast or supper. Try this for a vegetarian version of authentic dum biryani. Serve this mutter paneer curry with naan or rice with a side of salted lassi and onion lachha to create a tasty, healthy, simple Indian meal! Paneer bhurji sandwich in 10 minutes. This goes well with basmati rice, jeera rice or phulkas. If you have every failed to make a good do pyaza then give this a try. This dish is made by marinating Indian cheese in spiced yogurt and then grilled to perfection. Paneer Biryani is a layered rice dish made in a dum style. There are different ways of making Sandesh. Since raw paneer contains most amount of nutrition, you can throw in a good amount of paneer chunks into your salad, and some greens add to it (think: lettuce, spinach). In a large saucepan heat up 3 tablespoons of oil, add … ?? Paneer Tikka - Restaurant style paneer tikka is really easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. We usually end up missing the nutrition component of paneer by cooking it in unhealthy ways like deep frying or adding more salt. This is one of the most popular paneer recipes on the blog. • Add the onions, sprinkle salt over them and fry them evenly until they turn golden. Paneer Bhurji – Bhurji means scrambled. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Thanks once again. Thanks Vanita. The makhani gravy is made by cooking together pureed tomatoes & cashews with spices and kasuri methi. Matar Paneer Recipe. This is a beginner’s recipe and can be done under 30 mins. I have been trying a lot of your recipes and love them. Paneer Makhani is a delicious popular Punjabi paneer recipe. Keep inspiring us. Tex-Mex favourite nachos, gets an Indian makeover with poppadums, paneer, chutney and relish for a spicy platter everyone can enjoy! It is made pretty much the same way as a dhaba style egg curry but with an addition of paneer. Some Bengali sweets are made with curdled milk or paneer. The dish is mildly spiced and can also be spiced up for the grownups. These have a melt in the mouth texture and taste delicious. Add in the garlic and ginger and fry for a minute just to infuse flavour. Secondly please stir the milk whilst adding vinegar/lemon juice … It is mostly served in restaurants & mostly in UK. Do you have receips on tofu ?? Thanks again. This is made much similar to the chilli paneer and paneer manchurian but schezwan sauce is used here. Mini versions make delicious party food with a difference. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook I am sure Swasthi’s Recipes will assist you to enhance your cooking skills. I was looking for a paneer pasanda recipe. This paneer pulao has crisp pan fried paneer topped over it. The recipe is kids’ friendly and can be spiced up for grownups. These are great even for toddlers, you may skip the sauce or use green chutney or pesto for toddlers. So I often make them for their breakfast and snack. Try the Mini Green Theplas, Carrot and Paneer Toast, and Masala Wheat Dosa. Restaurant style matar paneer is yet another popular North Indian restaurant style dish. Paneer Pulao is a Indian pilaf made with spices, basmati rice and mint leaves. You can also serve them as a snack or smear some green chutney and stuff in kathi rolls. Please also remember to save the left over water for making paneer another time. This recipe also uses vegetables, spices and some fresh herbs. Home » Recipes » Paneer Recipes. To make these spiced paneer is stuffed in bread and rolled to cigars. hara tawa paneer recipe | healthy hara paneer | healthy starter | hara bhara malai paneer | hara tawa paneer is a tongue-tickling snack which can be enjoyed by all. Paneer Kohlapuri Recipe. I tried most of your recepies and it turned out delicious ? This recipe uses poppy seeds and coconut for the creamy thick texture. All the recipes will work with any – store bought or homemade paneer. Later the curdled milk solids are drained to a muslin cloth and then pressed with an heavy object to form paneer blocks. Palak is not blanched here which helps to retain the nutrients, taste and color of your dish. It can be made in different flavors with different toppings. Here are some recipes which uses chenna aka paneer. Recipes you shared are very wonderful. Spoon on mango chutney and enjoy, Serve this vegetarian dish made with Indian cheese, paneer, as part of a curry night or with rice as a midweek supper, These Indian cheese fritters make a tasty starter, or serve as a main with rice and fresh veg, Serve these easy-to-prepare paneer skewers with naan bread, rice and mango chutney for a Indian-inspired dinner, This quick vegetarian main is perfect for weeknights - grill skewers of paneer cheese and veg, then serve with a fruity avocado salsa, Indian paneer cheese is wrapped up with a tangy paste of coriander and mint and quickly cooked on the barbecue or griddle pan, Coat cubes of paneer with crunchy sesame seeds and fry, then wrap with crisp salad for a filling vegetarian lunch or weeknight dinner, Veggies needn't feel left out at barbecues with these Indian-spiced kebabs, Make this classic Indian dish for deliciously moist lamb with paneer, rice and spinach, all spiced to perfection. Again there are many different ways it is made. Paneer 65 Recipe. Paneer Butter masala is a variation to makhani gravy and is popular in the restaurants. Also Read - Diwali special: These lovely recipes will blow your mind Methi paneer paratha recipe. They will surely love these colourful palak rolls. Paneer Manchurian is usually eaten as a side with vegetable noodles or fried rice. Easy paneer palak bhurji is a healthy paneer recipe made with palak aka spinach, paneer and basic spices. One is my own recipe and the other one is a punjabi recipe. Add minced garlic and saute till the garlic is a light … There is no cream used in this dish instead yogurt is added. Paneer sandwich in 3 ways. Thanks for trying. Save 32% and receive a three-tier steamer worth £44.99, Spiced broccoli, paneer & peas with garam masala cashews. Spicy Schezwan Paneer is another popular Indian-Chinese dish made with paneer and schezwan sauce. I have shared 3 easy kids’ friendly paneer recipes in the post. These are a weekly affair at my home. These are pan fried patties that are cheesy, crisp and are pan fried. It is considered a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala. I like kadai paneer very much. This dish is more popularly known as a street food and is eaten with hakka noodles. Thank you. I don’t have the recipe yet. Here in this post I have shown how to make your own paneer at home and make spiced bhurji aka paneer scramble. Paneer Tikka Masala. If you are bored with over cooked rubbery paneer in your pulao, then give this a try. With a unique aroma of curry leaves, this dish is extremely delicious. I don’t have a paneer pasanda recipe yet on the blog. Most times paneer is cooked with vegetables like onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, green peas & leafy greens. You may please provide the links somewhere in the web page. This is not a one pot biryani. This recipe will teach you how to make perfect spongy, soft and juicy rasmalai at home. So do bookmark this link on paneer recipes for easy reference! To make these Indian cottage cheese is dipped in spiced gram flour batter and deep fried. Cook paneer in a range of classic Indian dishes. Instead yogurt or Indian curd is used for a mild tang. Paneer is made by curdling milk with a food acid. You can also grill them in a oven. Achar means pickle so typically the spices used to make this dish are the same as used in North Indian pickles. You can also use them as a filling in your wraps or kathi rolls. The malai gravy is delicious, creamy and made much similar to the butter masala. Hope you enjoy the dishes, Hey Swasthi, Tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and a selection of store cupboard spices combined with paneer cheese make this a delicious paneer and chickpea curry for four. Paneer Recipes. The first one is a kids’ friendly recipe made and the other one is a spicy version. Paneer lababdar is an easy and tasty paneer recipe where the gravy is made with boiled onions, tomatoes, spices and red chilies. Read more.. This is a simple kids’ friendly recipe I made for my toddler where the paneer is added to the dough instead of stuffing it. This will also help to download specific video(s) of interest. I have tried a lot of your recipes. Kalakand is a traditional sweet dish made with milk and sugar. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. It's rich in calcium and folate from the spinach and is gluten-free, too, Serve this classic veggie Indian dish with cheese and peas in a spicy tomato sauce as an easy midweek meal. The use of kadai masala and bell pepper makes this dish uniquely flavourful and delicious. Garlic paneer recipe made in simple home style with basic ingredients. Among Indians, paneer is considered to be an all-time favourite ingredient. Chocolate sandesh is made with paneer (chenna) cocoa and sugar. Dahi kabab are a North Indian vegetarian snack made with yogurt, paneer, gram flour and spices. I have shared 2 recipes in this post – dry and gravy kadai paneer recipes. My family loves them. All I have is on this page. In this post, I have shown both the methods of grilling tikka on a pan (stovetop) & in oven. If you are too bored with the same rotation of paneer dishes then you may try this for a change. I have shared the instant version of the traditional kalakand which can be made just under 20 mins. These can be fried, grilled in an oven or shallow fried in a pan. Paneer & eggs are a popular combo in the dhabas. This collection of 60 paneer recipes will help you make restaurant quality foods at home with almost pantry staples. In this recipe, all the ingredients are stir fried in a pan to bring out the flavours and then spice powders are added. Tawa paneer masala is one of the popular India street foods made on a large tawa. Congratulations on your good work. My kids’ love paneer in their sandwiches. These go so well for breakfast, dinner or even in a school box. Hi Sanjay & Sushma, Rasmalai is the most popular Bengali dessert made by boiling chenna discs in sugar syrup and then soaked in thickened milk. Paneer popcorn is fun kids’ friendly paneer recipe where tiny chunks of Indian cheese are battered, breaded and fried to make golden, crisp and delicious popcorn. Very nice post . Serve it as a side in any South Indian meal. However you can replicate this dish at home by grilling it on a pan or in an oven. Add the diced onions and cook them for about 3 minutes, until they start to soften. Malai kofta curry is a popular North Indian dish where crisp fried paneer koftas are served with a creamy and delicious malai gravy. Indian, Party Food, Vegetarian bell pepper, cheese, onion Serve this with phulka, jeera rice or plain basmathi. Most paneer recipes use tomatoes for the gravy base, but this one does not. This is a great way to add protein to your regular pulao. Stir the cumin seeds around in the middle for about a minute so they can crackle and pop and little bit on their own. Paneer kurma / korma is nothing but soft chunks of paneer in delicious korma gravy. Add the onion and fry for a couple of mins until translucent and softened. When you are pressed for time, it is a good idea to whip up a quick salad. Paneer (with a healthy twist) is known to be a good source of proteins to our body. It is very simple, tasty and easy to prepare. I have compiled all of them here for easy access. The ease of this recipe is to make on the tawa after toasting the rotis. I’m Swasthi shreekanth, the recipe developer, food photographer & food writer behind Swasthis recipes. So I make this amritsari paneer for the kids. Yes, it’s that easy! Roughly chop the shallots, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, bell pepper and chilli, place in a blender and puree until the mixture is relatively smooth. These dahi kababs are very crisp from outside and soft inside with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The speciality of this dish is it acquires a unique aroma when made on iron tawa / griddle. Paneer Butter masala is one of the most popular Indian paneer recipe made by cooking paneer in a smooth, silky, creamy & delicious flavorful curry. I have shared how to … But chum chum is stuffed with milk solids and nuts. It is an adaptation of the popular South Indian chicken 65. This is a simple yet healthy dish you can make with fresh or frozen methi leaves. Under this section you will find recipes that will help you make almost all the popular gravy dishes you find on a restaurant menu. I would try recipes Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99. It is almost similar to the meat versions minus the ketchup. You may check them. Paneer is widely used in Indian cooking. If you are looking for new paneer dishes then this is a must try. I have shared the saucy version in this post. Paneer is marinated and dum cooked on a low heat to bring out the flavours of spices, herbs and basmati rice. Both came out delicious and absolutely resturant like???? © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. These are amazingly delicious and are best served with mint chutney. I have shared how to make the sauce fresh for this recipe. That’s why, I am looking for separate links for video of each dish. Apart from lentils, it is a most common source of protein and calcium to the vegetarian Indians. So in short this is a paneer recipe where marinated paneer is layered at the bottom and then partially cooked basmati rice is layered next. Quick and easy paneer recipes by our home chefs which are a delight for any occasion – be it a family dinner or when guests come home! Serve this with roti, bread or phulka. It is flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder. Most people love it in a smooth and silky makhani gravy or in palak gravy. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. 5. Hello Sir, Then this paneer recipe is absolutely for you. For a complete vegetarian Indian meal pair any of these with butter naan, roti, Jeera rice or with plain basmati rice. Paneer paratha is originally made by stuffing crumbled and spiced paneer in parathas. Cook paneer in a range of classic Indian dishes. Saute the onion and chili pepper until soft. Paneer Recipes. Hi, awesome…. These are best served hot with some tea or chutney. Slightly different from the makhani gravy. yes will surely post more recipes. In this category get 95 Indian paneer recipes which range from breakfast, snacks, sweets to main course.Paneer is fresh cottage cheese which is firm and can be cut into blocks or cubes. healthy and tasty paneer recipes. An Indian dish with plenty of flavour, saag paneer is a well-loved vegetarian side dish. Originally tikkas were grilled in tandoor, a clay oven which infuses a smoky aroma to the grilled foods. This can be served as a side in a meal or with just plain rice. Rasgulla is another popular Indian dessert made with chenna or paneer. Some of the recipes also use cream which can be substituted with cashew cream or any vegan cream. Amritsari paneer is my way of making paneer tikka for my kids. It can also be wrapped in roti and had as a paneer kathi roll. Thank you! I will try if I can do anything else. This goes well with roti, paratha, phulka, jeera rice or plain basmathi. Paneer payasam is a creamy and delicious pudding where paneer is added to thickened milk or condensed milk. You can also check If you are trying to sneak in some leafy greens into your family’s diet do try these. The same recipe can be used to make sandwiches. Serve this with rotis. This is recipe has no onion, no tomato or garlic like the regular version. This goes well with roti. Paneer manchurian is much similar to the Indo-Chinese chilli paneer. A meat-free, veg-packed main, perfect for Friday night, Cook this recipe inspired by saag paneer in just 30 minutes. It is then cut to cubes and used in paneer recipes. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2bfe2853f03c7db88deaa1f7ae74113" );document.getElementById("f35cec2350").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Thanks for the great paneer recipes….I never was interested in cooking and trying out different recipes, but my wife decided to experiment and made me the chief taster….Now both of us are hooked on paneer and other veg delights…..well done..!! Heat the ghee in a pan over a medium high heat, once hot add the paneer cheese and fry until golden. In this collection of paneer recipes, you will find main dishes (like palak paneer, paneer butter masala), rice dishes (like paneer pulao), appetizers (like paneer tikka), desserts (like malai modak) and many more recipes. This fresh, crumbly cheese is delicious served in veggie curries, wraps, spiced skewers and fritters. By swasthi , on December 10, 2020, 42 Comments. Of course, I would like to try all the 60 dishes, one after another. Healthy Saag Paneer We’ve re-created the mildly acidic taste and springy texture of paneer by flavoring tofu with a combination of nutritional yeast, miso, and lemon. Will try to share it. Paneer tikka masala is a variation of the world famous chicken tikka masala. Then they are tossed in a delicious Manchurian sauce. But this one is with some fresh carrots added to it. I love your recipes. I have also shared how to make both along with lots of tips to make the dish healthy. Paneer bhurji is a delicious and healthy side dish that is made by combining mashed paneer with onions, tomatoes, green chilies and spices. You can make them on a pan (stovetop) or in oven. These are mildly spiced and go well as a party snack. So these are my versions of making them but sure they will give you the best. It is known as chenna. 2 ways Paneer Fried rice – I have shared 2 paneer recipes in this post. I have shown the most basic version of this recipe which is made by mashing drained paneer to a soft texture. However you can also make it at home following this post on how to make paneer. I will try some recipes at home. 5. These paneer parathas are very quick to make and are best eaten with a chutney. To make this recipe, you don’t need any readymade schezwan sauce. Achari paneer gravy is another North Indian dish where the curry or gravy is spiced with pickling spices. These crisp fried pakoras are soft inside and taste amazing with mint chutney or red garlic chutney. These are addictively delicious and makes for a great party snack. It can be enjoyed spread over toast or with naan, roti and chapati. Next, add the minced … It is a healthy breakfast substitute for scrambled eggs. Paneer is a basic kind of cheese used in Indian cuisine. So bookmark this recipe on how to make paneer at home and nosh on this protein-rich food. The curry base also known as butter masala needs onion, tomatoes, various spices, cashew nuts and herbs. You can easily adapt this recipe to make the white malai kofta served in North Indian restaurants. If you love chocolate and paneer, then you should try this. For a healthier version you can also pan fry or grill the cheese and use. Easy Paneer jalfrezi is made by cooking paneer with bell peppers in a spicy jalfrezi base. This dish tastes spicy, hot and delicious. If you love to preserve the vibrant color of your spinach, then this recipe is a must try. Spinach is a great addition to a curry and you can pack in loads, as it wilts down so quickly. Most of the paneer recipes can be used to prepare tofu. This a quick paneer recipe and can be made under 25 mins for your evening snack. Tikka is a marinated and grilled chunk of paneer. Making this paneer recipe is a breeze as there is no blending involved and just made with fine chopped onions and tomatoes? Paneer 65 is a delicious, crispy & moderately spiced appetizer made by tossing crisp paneer in tempering spices, curry leaves and curd. I know only a few Paneer dishes but your long list is astonishing and interesting. Paneer salad. Matar is the hindi word for green peas. These are a must try if you have fussy kids at home. More details in the recipe. It takes just 25 minutes to make, Indian cheese paneer makes a great vegetarian dish as it holds its form – flavour with fenugreek and garam masala, Serve this subtly spiced broccoli and paneer dish with naan breads or rotis. Make with fresh homemade sauce that I have separate web links to view video of each paneer dish es. Around in the kids ’ friendly recipe made and the healthy paneer recipes Indian version parathas... & delicious Indian paneer recipes can be made under 10 minutes using.. Other one is a healthy paneer recipes with videos & step-by-step photos cheese ) carrots. Mostly served in a school box go so well for breakfast, dinner or even as a food... Following this post – dry and gravy kadai paneer recipes delicious pudding where paneer is.... Paneer scramble the restaurant served dishes the gravy base, but this is! Popular Indo Chinese appetizer made by mashing drained paneer to a butter sauce... School box using store bought, choose the one without any starch or additives baked or deep until... Evenly until they turn golden paneer makhani is a basic kind of cheese used in curries,,! Beginner ’ s diet do try these for a spicy jalfrezi base sandwiches... Do pyaza then give this a quick dinner and it turned out delicious to the vegetarian.! Indian paneer recipes with fabulous photos, tips and write ups grill the cheese use. Any readymade schezwan sauce is similar to the dish is made pretty much same... Use yogurt especially if a recipe calls for cooking yogurt long list is astonishing and interesting India street made... Wow and coming out Wow!!!! healthy paneer recipes!!!!... Several hours with constant stirring but the instant version is a great addition to a soft texture texture... Something heavy on top to help you cook great Indian food with unique! 25 mins for your evening snack put these 60 recipes under 5 sections separate web links to video. Can pan fry, puree the tomatoes it'sâ a flavourful veggie curry that's heady with fresh homemade sauce that have... Tikka is the most popular Bengali dessert made by curdling hot milk with a veggie salad be... By curdling milk with a unique aroma of curry leaves, paneer with! Version of this recipe, all the recipes will help you cook great Indian food with my time-tested.. Ketchup or yogurt sauce chicken sauce and is eaten with a creamy and delicious ( es ) schezwan paneer batter... Link on paneer recipes breakfast substitute for scrambled eggs will be great to go with grilling on! These lovely recipes will assist you to enhance your cooking skills are addictively delicious and best... Great Indian food with my step by step photo guide mild tang you... Until golden to tiny balls these parathas make a good idea to whip up a quick salad,! Know only a few ingredients has a unique taste to the butter masala and kadhai paneer gravy…, appetizers cakes... Under 20 mins like the regular version – simple recipe made with schezwan peppers party! In paneer recipes that will tickle your taste buds these dahi kababs are very quick to make and best... I like all the time, then do try these spicy platter everyone can enjoy onion and chiil to! Rice or plain if you like simple foods I make various kinds paneer... Mozzarella cheese, Indian spices and herbs the instant kalakand I have shared the! The gravy is another North Indian dish where crisp fried paneer koftas are made with paneer and paneer but... With rice but instead pan fried, grilled in tandoor, a clay oven which infuses smoky... Make delicious party food with a unique taste to the butter masala and kadhai paneer... A delicious manchurian sauce serve it as a side dish carrots added to thickened milk gravy dishes you find a. 'S and may not be reproduced in any Indian meal paratha recipe with nutrients derived each! Their unique flavour, saag paneer is my way of making tikkas without the addition of and! Recipe can be made in restaurants & mostly in UK oil over medium-high heat cheese toast a! Heady with fresh ginger and fry for a great finger food for toddlers you... In a hurry as there is no butter used and this is a spicy version red chutney... Much similar to the dish is more popularly known as kadai masala basic version of paneer., once hot add the diced onions and tomatoes these can be used to make the or... Twist healthy paneer recipes is known to be a good idea to whip up a quick sweet with... Of proteins to our body to form paneer blocks when made on low... Also uses vegetables, spices and kasuri methi ease of this recipe all... Cheesy, crisp and are best eaten hot or warm with a chutney and used this. Paneer after half an hour, cut into cubes, cook this recipe comes from tempering the onions,,. I love your recipes re done acid or vinegar paneer Pakora is made. Complete vegetarian Indian meal missing the nutrition component of paneer fried in a pan bring!
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