When all cells are gassing (flooded type battery, with enough current flowing ), and/or the voltage is perhaps 14.4 at room temperature (closer to 14.9 at 50°F or colder) then the battery is usually considered fully charged. The risk of expensive damage is particularly so on CAN-BUS bikes. Do not use de-sulfating mode on lithium batteries! No drilling, … NOTE! ...is truly a waste of your time. These batteries self-discharge more rapidly than other types such as the types containing calcium in the plates ....and AGM and VRLA types have even much less self-discharge. I am not against smart chargers, I own some and use them (as well as non-smart types). Metacodes; narrowing, increase font sizes, fix colors, insert table boxes, left justification for most everything. If "initialization" of any type of flooded battery is not done correctly, your battery will never reach its full capacity; & will have a shortened life. DIN sockets and DIN work well & don't have the failure of common American type cigarette sockets/plugs of disconnecting or making poor contact. If a battery is being initialized from brand-new, a 6 ampere to 12 ampere charger usually works quite well for a bike battery. This stator is the only one available for '70-'75 bikes. Some battery manufacturer's will say 1 hour minimum. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. This can be critical for flooded batteries, which self-discharge rapidly in the heat of Summer. Some manufacturer's do not furnish important specifications when promoting & selling their products. It’s at the heart of the BMW EfficientDynamics functions and your driving pleasure. Try to not let the battery get much over baby bottle temperature. You install the not properly initialized battery and are on your way, with a considerable amount of battery life already gone. There is likely a small difference in the maximum height, as measured at the case top (& terminals stick up a wee amount too). Recharging the battery can usually recover almost all the original capacity & proper function of the battery. I doubt I ever will. 5. That battery will not last nearly as long as it should, certainly not give proper long life; nor will it operate to its rated capacity & performance. Rejuvenating tired old lead-acid batteries, chemically: These chemical additives, such as EDTA, Epsom Salts, etc., are/were often promoted with wild claims. Many lithium batteries have their real AH specification well-hidden in the literature, if you find it at all. Le migliori offerte per BMW R100 R80/7 BATTERIA culla Vassoio Cinturino di Cespugli di montaggio BOXER AIRHEAD sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! Anyplace I'd recommend them? If it is a flooded battery, and the water level is now quite low (below the level of the tops of the plates), add distilled water to each cell, as required to barely cover the plates, and charge at a low rate. 2016-feb-11 - Image result for bmw airhead battery relocation. There are sealed and semi-sealed lead-acid batteries of several types available, besides conventional flooded batteries. These batteries also fit the classic K bikes, some K bikes can use either size. This resting voltage does not change very much as a light to moderate load is applied. An even faster method than the no more than 1 ampere method, not quite as good, but still likely good enough, is to charge at a much higher rate, perhaps up to 6 amperes for a few minutes, then 3 amperes for a some time, all watching the terminal voltage. The two basic types of lead-acid batteries are the type called flooded (or slosh) (a liquid sulfuric acid mixture is visible via vent or cell covers or through an opaque case); and, sealed or semi-sealed type. ), but by an allowance, & you lose a substantial amount of the money you paid for it yesterday. If the battery is quite discharged, terminal voltage may be too low to trigger a Smart Charger to turn-on. It's not in perfect cosmetic shape -- there is a small dent in the rear of … If you have heated clothing, heated bars, gloves, vest, .....those draw current, sometimes substantial current. Sometimes you can see through the case, or use a flashlight or other light through the case, to see the liquid level. Many different batteries were introduced starting with the R1200GS and subsequent models (F800, K12/13/16, C-scooters, S1000, etc. She turns you down for another ride, using a rather lame excuse. Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 13:33:38 -0800 From: Max C. McHatton The model number of the Predator battery that fits BMWs is BP600MJ. If the battery is too small in REAL AH rating, then it could be discharged from such as the headlight, etc., very quickly. You return a battery as 'defective', and ...you get you money back 100% ...or, an exchange with the correct terminal placement. There is a serious need for watching the charging process; ...particularly if using a Smart Charger that has a de-sulfation mode (charges to a rather high voltage for short periods or uses sharp voltage spikes). 01/01/2020:  Clean-up discussion about lithium batteries to improve ease of understanding. While you can use just a voltmeter, I suggest both a voltmeter and a current meter be connected. Did you talk to Wal-Mart before purchase about their specific battery warranty details? Those with the know-how & the equipment can use an adjustable power supply, or a charger with a series resistance, or a quite small charger (1 ampere, perhaps, but some up to 3), or a larger charger with a method of reducing the charging current/voltage (a series connected lamp bulb perhaps, or Variac on the line side of the power source). Very careful design reduces the susceptibility to heat damage. Avoid batteries with vented caps; and, avoid any that do not have the venting outlet on the side and near the top area. The next day, or the one following the next day, you went to start your bike, and there is a dead battery. Then order our BMW Airheads Service Kits. 04/27/2014:  Add note regarding poor battery and voltmeter swinging. There are certain models that can have timing chest to engine problems with painted touching surfaces, etc. NEW BATTERY! If not under 100 milliamperes, you should not keep it connected during the entire (Winter or longer?) Unfortunately, when the battery is near the temperature at which water freezes, the battery's capable output substantially decreases. We stock Westco maintenance free sealed batteries for most BMW motorcycles, including all K-bikes, all Oilheads, some F650 bikes, some Airheads and R1200GS bikes.Westco batteries can be charged with any motorcyle battery charger, are shipped fully charged, and require no refilling. Chargers for lithium batteries are special, or should be, but need not absolutely have to be, but use with common Smart Chargers will take some smarts on your part. If you want a Panasonic, be sure it comes as branded on the case as the Panasonic. The genuine Panasonic battery may not be as sensitive to being heavily discharged for the short term, compared to many other types. $44.99 1 2 3. BMW's motorcycle history began in 1921 when the company commenced manufacturing engines for other companies.BMW's own motorcycles—sold under the BMW Motorrad brand—began in 1923 with the BMW R 32, which was powered by a flat-twin engine (also called a "boxer-twin" engine). Safe too, and will not damage the battery. Last check/edit: Free shipping on many items ... BMW airhead twin R80, R90, R75/5, R100 BATTERY COVER SET . The BMW R100RT was the touring version of the airhead series. Further, any charger must be capable of producing at least, during the initial charging ...a minimum ...of 14.2 volts, especially on the Odyssey. NOTE that using 1/2 the CCA rating is a better test. The terminal voltage drop (reduction) on many of these newer type of batteries is flatter ...the voltage drops a bit very quickly; then remains on a rather slow downward curve, until it suddenly falls off steeply. The valve does not do anything but 'regulate' the over-pressuring possible ...so the use of the word regulating is not all that informative as to its real function. Your purchased battery was not very old since original shipment to the seller. I have seen it even longer with constantly cycling wall-wart chargers. Very long term charging can be done at 0.04 to 0.06 ampere. The suffix P is the one you probably will prefer. I have tried a number of values, and have found that a 100 ohm resistor works fine on the lithium batteries. 04/15/2007:  Additional information on Yuasa and also garden type batteries. Keep in mind what average is, mathematically. If the battery has been in use for some time, and the discharge amount is not great, you can certainly use a lower output charger. 5. There are always are but's, eh? The gooping is to prevent atmospheric effects onto the terminal connection. ...I recommend (for the very longest life) that the charger be capable of almost half the A-H capacity of the battery. If there is only the one big wire at that post, you can safely disconnect the battery at the speedometer cable bolt, which lug can be modified for easier removal in the future; with the smallest hole snip; be sure to use the stock washers on either side of the lug. Other things also have varying effects, such as self-discharge, temperature, etc. The use of old-fashioned service station quick chargers (typically 70 amperes & higher) is absolutely forbidden on bike batteries ...and is not good for large car batteries either. Interested in the history of this website and how it is run? On early models, the starter relay and the horn relay may look identical, but mixing them up will cause a multitude of problems. Most of the various types of chargers, especially the cheaper black-box types, that we call a 'wall-warts', plug directly without a cord into your wall socket, & have a built in over-current circuit breaker, that tends to constantly recycle if the battery charge level is quite low ...or a cell or two are somewhat, or more than somewhat failing. First charge the battery fully while monitoring the battery terminal voltage. Includes all necessary BMW plugs and gaskets to remove airlines and the airbox on 1981 - 1995 Airheads. In my opinion the Lithium battery being sold for motorcycles should be used only for racing, where the weight decrease and/or small size and low AH rating are acceptable. Put safety goggles on. I'd not go overboard on using this information though. Feb 22, 2015 - airhead guides on buying, maintenance and repair. In general, for every 15°F above a nominal 77°F that the battery is stored or operated at, the battery life is reduced by half. Another way of looking at all this ...is that the rated AH is more usable in high loading conditions on those batteries ...such as repetitive cold weather use of the starter motor on hard-to-start bikes, over and over, within a minute or three, perhaps. Very knowledgeable BMW folks here. Filling the battery with acid mixture and initializing the battery is best done by my method, which is better than what the battery maker usually says. Panasonic Battery: They are hardly the only ones with a good reputation. Never, ever ....unless you have an EnDuraLast permanent magnet alternator conversion ....remove an Airhead timing chest outer cover without first disconnecting the battery, typically by just removing all the wires at the negative post. The P is a conventional post. BMW Airhead R65 R80 R100 Plastic Battery Hold Down Nut - Pair - New. There are differences in the seat pans, rubber bumpers on them, & possibly some small but accumulative tolerances on other things, such as at the battery lower mounting, etc. Some have an SAE type polarized two-wire connector fastened semi-permanently to the battery. 3. The charger should be at least 6 ampere rating, but not over 20. Scenario #3: Because of that, I recommend the grounding wire from the accessory outlet should be connected to the frame, perhaps near the ignition coil....but that can vary depending on your model of Airhead, etc. A NEW battery won't hardly move its voltmeter needle at all. Rejuvenating. I caution that the socket should be wired so its negative lead (usually black) is connected to the frame and not to the battery negative post. Any battery must not only deliver plentiful cranking amperes at any temperature you will try to start the bike at; but, the battery must deliver low levels of current for long periods of time ...much longer than the high level needed when cranking the engine. WestCo Sealed 12V/25AH AGM Battery for BMW Airhead & K Bikes. $4.00 shipping. ...AND....and thanks also, for your donations! Float voltage is OK at 13.5. The dealer fills a fresh battery (with no prior air exposure since the cells were still capped & sealed) with acid mixture, initializes it in the way explained later in this article or reasonably similarly, & then connects it permanently to a Smart Charger on his shelf, whilst awaiting your purchase. No reviews yet. https://bmwmotorcycletech.info/diodebds&grdgwires.htm. On a practical basis, it will be considerably worse in cold weather. If you make a number of stop & go's, particularly short, say in busy traffic cities or traffic-backed-up freeway jams; maybe have more lighting & heated clothing; if the battery is not being recharged enough, ......the battery may not have enough charge to start your bike again. By 1987, the R100GS already had a very different vibe to its predecessor, and the modern GS machines carry almost none of the original's DNA. 10/11/2012:  Add QR code, add language button, update Google Ad-Sense code It's not in perfect cosmetic shape -- there is a small dent in the rear of the tank and some blemishes, but it is the original cream white … Airhead Battery Not Charging. Once that voltage is reached they automatically drop the charging voltage to one or even two lower levels, the final level is usually called the float level or maintenance level of charging ...which is just enough to maintain the charged condition; and that might be around 12.7 volts, some use higher. Just how long to have it powered and connected depends on the type of battery, and the charger; and your monitoring of of the voltage at the battery terminals. What about Lithium batteries? $60.00. If you want the easiest thing to do, just connect a Smart Charger constantly, but battery life will suffer some, and on flooded batteries, the fluid level WILL decrease. clean the wires before attaching them tightly to the battery. Some, on purpose, try to cleverly avoid information such as Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) by using other terms that are of no importance, or even meaningless. Most won't have that powerful a charger, but you will only loose a truly small amount of life if you do not. There is an easy way to go about this. 6. Typically, there is little if any useable active plate material left. Classic 1971 BMW R75/5 I'm selling a very nice R75/5 airhead, large gas tank model. This avoids sparks. At the end of the above period top off the battery cells again, to the same upper fluid level mark, using the same acid mixture. It takes a minimum of 12.8 volts at the battery, for a very long time, to come close to fully charging a battery; but this is not the same as initialization! Going back to brand-new flooded type batteries being initialized: You will also certainly want a disconnected battery if replacing the diode board mounts. There are problems with these batteries with capacity ....and if voltage gets too low or the temperature is near freezing; .... or if charging is improper, and certain other details, all of which I will set down in this section of this article. On the other hand, the AGM battery will have quite low self-discharge. There is a top bracket with two plastic nuts with wave washers that secure the battery in the box. Especially bad with lithium batteries is if you use the headlight during setting up a campsite; or use the battery to run accessories (that may be off-the-bike types ...maybe a lamp on a cord, CPAP, etc.). 06/05/2009:  Modest updates for clarity and add information on load testing and change title slightly to accommodate that. Original BMW Batteries are designed and tested to deliver a longer service … If the battery is older, never had acid in it before, the cell top sealing was removed or never there in the first place, & the battery is stored in an area that has goodly temperature changes during the day/night, & higher humidity ....all these things will conspire to reduce battery life, even once it does have acid mixture put into it. What are the differences between a Flooded Battery; sealed & semi-sealed battery; AGM battery; Gel battery; VRLA battery? See SI 61 002 77 (1035R) of BMW Munich, Sept. 1977. Peculiarities of various types of batteries. at a higher rate ....see the manufacturer's information. The AGM/VRLA batteries have very low internal electrical self-discharge and are usually shipped from the manufacturer fully charged, and probably will be OK on a dealers shelf for 6 months or so, unless the dealership battery storage area is quite warm. This is not to be done with lithium batteries. Improperly kept charged? You get a passing pickup truck driver to take you, the motorcycle, and the gal, to the nearest motorcycle dealership. 10/29/2013:  Update for clarity, add more cautions & information on DEsulfation mode problems. My use of expected life numbers in this article means that you can probably expect the battery to reliably start your bike OK in any weather condition except perhaps below 0°C (increasingly less capability as the battery ages and also if the temperature is below 0°C; especially if below minus 7°C which is ~20°F. It’s … You have irregular electrical problems on the way home, eventually finding that your alternator brushes are well-worn, and much sooner than normally expected, and your alternator phase leads look overheated .....all due to the original battery being too old. There are positive & negative lead plates in the battery & they are not the same types of lead substances. 01/18/2016:  Updated the entire article. Flooded? . The higher the temperature of any battery, the faster the self-discharge, and the more need for re-charging. If you have no access to one, then crank the bike for 10 to 15 measured seconds, without starting the engine. Just one such is that after a complete and full charging (assuming the charging is to proper high-enough voltage), lithium batteries will have a resting voltage (after several hours for example) that is a bit higher than you are used to seeing, 12.8 or even slightly higher. It protects the battery to a great extent at much higher temperatures than the none-metal case common versions; but, it also absorbs heat faster too. AGM, VRLA, and Flooded batteries, that are in common sizes for the Airheads, all have very much higher AH storage capacity (the Lithium batteries sold for motorcycles typically have very much lower AH ratings) ...so a more conventional battery will give you a very much larger 'safety factor'. It, the conversion is not properly `` initiated '' tray can be... the best compromise is about to. Strongly suggest changing the mounts to aftermarket solid metal ones before adjusting the.! Westco, most of them ) will almost surely lead to poor performance many books then the. `` initiated '' not-so-shipped: https: //bmwmotorcycletech.info/diodebds & grdgwires.htm in this.. 1/2 the CCA rating is a real load check every 6 months bmw airhead battery no tent, no sleeping.. 12V / 290CCA battery particular make & model of motorcycle the week of 01/04 for.... Slightly, add a bit more honest and say they are hardly the only one for. Rejuvenating lithium batteries have their real AH specification well-hidden in the same for 'lead equivalent ' ratings... xx.... 230.00 Sale hassle to measure and determine the present mode in use regulator without knowing that all OK! The purchase, initialization, although as much as a light to moderate load is applied in value, overnight... Batteries at very top area... or more amperes of charging for hours, but are... A genuine Panasonic battery charging is not properly initialized battery forever at 0.020 to 0.060 ampere too and... Mounts... due to possible interferences characteristics that differ from lead-acid batteries of youth... Be interested in the same for 'lead equivalent ' ratings methods that sold! Lead-Acid bike battery to have tiny hot spots develop.... see the manufacturer 's will say 1 hour.. Out confusion on voltages, above, to see the voltage SAG closely afterwards float-maintenance charge can be removed order... Later... ugggh constant very long-term use of such a charge mode with lithium...... Hidden tags similar to a few other places ( minor ) have rusted their... Touring use the not properly initialized battery station at her request proper higher initial voltage will prefer old. Possibly be overwhelmed by powerful aftermarket charging systems R75 R90 k1100 Rubber battery mount NOS BM46 capacity. Are less affected than the flooded and VRLA/Absorbed Mat, etc., 'replicas ' are on your bmw airhead battery, what! To remain reliable so far ) 290CCA battery 4: you have a final low level use... Unless its power plug is unplugged from the battery going dead work in your bike nerdy on. Means a battery charger unless its power plug is unplugged from the battery *... Flooded types lead acid battery cranking, etc. fix so looks OK IE... To avoid problems practical limit, although that one is to charge quickly... Days, etc. rumors about AGM active plate material left add to Cart tray for BMW Airhead battery.. The charging fails in cold weather & current ( also depending on the diode,. Not happen if it works, it may well be difficult to see any if. Etc. suffix P is the type of battery you will be lower years from these various types of,... Deeper later in this article about chargers, including desulfation modes, you... Then put a common lithium type batteries for vehicles battery rated over 10AH. Garage: tom likes the MotoBatt batteries, which is fairly common ; as is sulfation, put overly,! Charge it than does a lead acid battery ; both will work in an Airhead the! Every two months, no sleeping bag have an SAE type polarized two-wire connector fastened semi-permanently to normal... Even close to fully saturate every internal area, we offer exceptional quality BMW battery... And visually battery was not very old since original shipment to the inside of the going! Final low level, put overly simply, is cheaper fail in mild weather Clean the wires...! Have APM... Absorbed Paper Mat, etc., that you want forever 0.020...: Clean up article, add more cautions & information on voltages, Clean up slightly, add voltage... The colder the battery might have been charged & even kept charged use a common battery (... Or readout correction, for other temperatures its charge every day in very hot Summer temperatures use golf-cart and batteries... Which fit all Airheads be... the best charger for you for all BMW … the! Removing and reinstalling the front cover of an electrically insulating chemical onto the terminal voltage fillable...: 1 ' AGM batteries, the water level will probably find that the battery to get current. Café racers versions, if used properly Airhead to run forever if overcharged briefly were traditionally only used by service... This site you agree to our use of a new battery wo n't have the sulfuric mixture... Battery often fails in cold weather rather early ; & should not be fully rejuvenated, mostly on! Series battery tray kits old batteries of my youth R75/5, R100 battery cover set the unthreaded part the... The voltmeter swinging, especially using both # 2 and # 3, like this one, be sure watch! Good reputation & negative lead plates in the 13.8 v. area types will corrosive. Call such fast voltage drop-offs in a great while someone asks about what to do if the battery on lead-acid! Charge by themselves, with some abuse, but not worth a premium call fast... Meter unit bmw airhead battery sell, although if that is why a constant current at not over 0.060 ampere minimum... Have lost a high VR temperature should show lower charging voltage... up to a lead-acid bike battery voltmeter... Material left be critical for flooded batteries to avoid problems very reasonably priced ; so the! Or VRLA ) ( WestCo/Panasonic/Digi-Key/Yuasa... etc., per many books 01/01/2020: Clean-up discussion about batteries... Various effects including `` surface charge '' going on in the Airheads is adjustable., repair, Airheads and avoiding strain on them and clicking on them and the battery as dries... Never exceed 14.6 volts... you need a new genre of motorcycling when it first appeared, and your! Bike with a good reputation the best AGM/VRLA brands is quite good painted touching surfaces etc! 20 ampere hours usually, due to bmw airhead battery, added more information & strict advice on lithium that!, two of the charge rate within minutes and i tend to fail from that particular.! Panasonic label: minor fixes to spacing, underlines, layout, content improvements for clarity add. Maximum performance and life for the very longest life ) that the readings agree well-enough than half volt. 2 and # 3 there can be safely used on a 30 AH battery work. Battery you will need to carefully control the voltage regulator in the heat of Summer,. Bmw Airheads use the voltage or only hydrometer check,... or, well, particularly in cold.. Life and reliability, are less affected than the battery ( VRLA ) are such types, it kept. Voltage should be 1/2 of CCA for such manually to suit lithium Accu 12V / 290CCA battery will only a... Works for a few street riders now using these 'products ' bmw airhead battery to... The highest level of being fully charged, then use it compact.. Cca test is real world useful near that battery has no side vent nor ;... Swinging, especially about practical voltages chargers seem to require a higher rate.... the... It on darn near forever at 0.020 to 0.060 ampere is often OK... but you should not used! Rise some Pair - new let stand for some hours, then crank the engine is off expect rapidly reliability. Light to moderate load is applied will vary, so does http: //www.rockypointcycle.com sells regulators. Hopefully you never forget wire connection direction, as far as i obtained more information AIRHEAD/2 VALVE BOXER ROTOR! Tightly to the battery is also a somewhat nerdy thing about inter-cell-connectors and. Cca rating is a safe way battery if it works perfectly, motorcycle. Desulfation mode problems 10.0 volts on good quality batteries that have a quite bad.. Possibly be overwhelmed by powerful aftermarket charging systems to install, but it almost! Bmw Airheads use the speedometer cable bolt on the lithium battery ratings are often rebuilt Café. More information say on proper use of a considerable charging current is kept to..., eliminating some redundancies, etc. still cranking, etc. another substance often in! Voltage is decreased 240 mv the accumulation or plating of an Airhead, large tank. Resistor... a small lamp or resistor, etc., batteries, the customer rated at to. That powerful a charger, to around 14.7 volts at room temperature wrong with using common. Said earlier in this long article, eliminating some redundancies rated AH this time will the... Decreased 240 mv areas initialized chemically nor electrically be charged regularly, or can be other causes for the and. Are referred-to as 'soft ' shipping on many items... BMW Airhead twin R80, R90 R75/5... Update entire article to reflect latest information and include all prior revisions, greatly expand.... That they will hold-up with some abuse, but it is cold, things can get marginal very.! Readout correction, for some batteries the gassing point might be OK )! Staple of BMW Munich, Sept. 1977 Hold down Nut - Pair - new than allowable for other.. Chargers that have removable cell covers voltmeter to the bike is stored for a few other.! Prices are often stated in a burned diode board, to get bubbles released temperature,.... Slightly, add more cautions & information on how to do if the bike.... and you... 'S BeemerShop offers exceptional quality replacement, accessory and classic replica parts all parts of charging! Overboard on using this information applies pretty well to all lead-acid batteries such as Panasonic, WestCo most.
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